Agitator finds its applications at places where different temperatures/densities of liquid exist in the same system e.g. Hot and cold liquid, Agitators can be used at places where the above mentioned conditions exist in a system to make these variables uniform in the entire system, like in ice banks where ice is produced on evaporating coils.
Without agitators, there would be no circulation of water in the tanks, it would have different densities and temperatures at different locations in the tank.

Agitators Manufacturers in India

Product Details :

An Agitator, if installed in the system circulates the liquid in such a manner that temperature/density of water (also brine, glycerine as per different applications) remains uniform at all points of the system giving proper heat exchange and more efficient cooling for any application.
Another place where Agitators finds its application is mixing of powder with liquids. eg. Milk powder with water, paint powder with turpentine and many other chemicals where reaction takes place only after proper mixing of its elements.
Agitators also work well where mixing of small quantities of some elements (solid or liquids) with a large quantity of fluid like vegetable oil and vitamin A or vitamin D.

  • Available with heavy duty motors from 0.5hp to 10 hp.
  • Strong steel casing (Available in Carbon or Stainless Steel).
  • Majority of the parts of the Agitator are off the shelf parts for ease of repair and maintenance.
  • Easily replaceable propeller shaft.
  • Specially designed extra long Journal Bearing for extra long life.