T Type Strainer

T Type Strainers

Specifically fabricated for the removal of debris, for the protection of fluid and gas handling equipment during commissioning and start up periods.
These strainers can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

  • Precisely designed
  • Long working life
  • Easy to operate

Tee strainers is a custom fabricated compound strainer designed to remove foreign particles from pipeline. Tee Type Strainers are a low cost solution to large nominal bore straining requirements. They can be mounted into vertical or horizontal piping and can be configured for right-angled applications.

ee strainers are most commonly supplied with a range of graded filtration levels (fine to coarse or vice-versa) to ensure that the system is running at the required cleanliness level when met with full load. Tee strainers feature either bolted cover or quick opening covers for application suitability.

Dimensional Standards

T strainer dimensions are manufacturer specific. Most of the times they are made using standard tee fitting. Header ends of this tee may be welded with weld neck flanges in case of flanged T strainer. Branch end is connected with weld neck flange and a blind flange. Blind flange is supplied with drain connection. If vendor data is not available during preliminary stage of project, dimensions can be calculated using dimensions of standard tee and weld neck flanges.


Tee strainers are used where a compact accessible strainers is needed for protection of pumps, valves and similar equipment.